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Discover why Argus is
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Discover why Argus is
your Clear Choice™

Automated Prior Authorization

Automating prior auth is a mountain we've mastered

Discover our seamless integrated solution that combines all of the prior authorization components into a single, more efficient, and reliable process to better support your Healthcare Reform outcomes. We have a direct interface between the prescriber and the pharmacy benefit plan to assist with quality healthcare delivery and we perform all services with strict adherence to HIPAA compliance.

Conquer the fast-paced world of prior authorizations

Many factors contribute to the overall cost of Prior Authorization. We have focused on an integrated workflow solution to ease the burden of prior auth administration. Our web solution offers rapid turnaround and transparent, easy access to coverage, while streamlining the costs associates with prior authorizations. The Argus Automated Prior Authorization solution is the tool you need to eliminate:

  • Duplicate entry into multiple systems
  • Manual and paper-based processes
  • Inconsistent application of criteria

Isn't it time for your health plan to reap the rewards of an automated electronic workflow process?

Reduce cost and gain control

Argus Automated Prior Authorization provides solutions:

  • Cost reduction opportunities through web-based features and no "per seat" fees
  • Savings in IT and administrative costs
  • Integration with enterprise proprietary systems
Our solution allows for up to the minute changes and customization for:
  • Criteria, Notifications and Rules
  • Client hierarchy
  • Drug product linking

The power of integration working for you

Argus and Agadia have partnered to build a powerful, fully integrated PA solution. This partnership affords our customers a seamless, integrated solution that links together several prior authorization components into a single, dynamic platform.